Why Become a Member?

Members of Episteme Health Inc. are able to vote in Annual General Meetings and stand for election to the Committee of Management.

Membership is not an editorial position. Membership alone does not include influence over editorial decisions.

Who Can Be a Member?

Any person who supports the purposes of the Association is eligible for membership. These purposes are:

  1. Providing a peer-reviewed scholarly publishing platform for medical research scientists to share their findings;
  2. Disseminating new medical research to scientists, health practitioners, and others who care for people with diseases to support their medical research and healthcare work;
  3. Raising public awareness regarding diseases, their causes, preventative measures, and treatments; and
  4. Licensing medical research articles published by the Association to enable their free reproduction, sharing, reuse, and adaptation for medical research, educational, scholarly, and other non-profit or charitable purposes.

Applying for Membership

To apply for membership, click on the blue message icon and complete the form. Information on the form is sent via Formspree.io and will be stored according to their privacy policy.

Membership Approval

The Committee of Management will consider membership applications at its next committee meeting. Approval of a membership application is not guaranteed. The committee meets at least four times a year.

Duration and Fees

Membership follows the association’s financial year (1 July to 30 June).

Membership fees are determined at the Annual General Meeting. There are currently no fees for membership.


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