We are an academic community publisher. We use free open source software to drastically reduce the costs associated with research publishing so that our community of editors, authors, reviewers, and readers, can focus on what’s important - good science that will support future improvements in healthcare.

We are registered as an incorporated association in the state of Victoria, Australia (No. A0105005T). This non-profit structure means that we cannot be bought by commercial interests.

As outlined in our constitution, our aims are to promote the prevention or control of diseases in people by:

  1. Providing a peer-reviewed scholarly publishing platform for medical research scientists to share their findings;
  2. Disseminating new medical research to scientists, health practitioners, and others who care for people with diseases to support their medical research and healthcare work;
  3. Raising public awareness regarding diseases, their causes, preventative measures, and treatments; and
  4. Licensing medical research articles published by the Association to enable their free reproduction, sharing, reuse, and adaptation for medical research, educational, scholarly, and other non-profit or charitable purposes.

We do this by providing peer-reviewed scholarly publishing using Open Journal Systems, a free open source journal manager developed by the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University. We typeset articles using other free open source software tools such as the LaTeX editor MiKTeX and the XML editor Texture. Our reliance on free open source software means that our costs are very low, allowing us to publish our articles open access without charging fees to authors or readers.

We welcome authors who are interested in helping or learning how to typeset articles for publication and archiving to be involved during the production process.

Editors and their decisions are separate to the publisher and the Committee of Management will not intervene in editorial decisions unless there are legal, regulatory, or financial risks for Episteme Health Inc. if they do not take action.


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