Crossmark is a Crossref initiative that provides a standard way of linking articles with updates, such as corrections, errata, expressions of concern, or retractions. Crossmark helps us to uphold our commitment to the integrity of our publications by ensuring that all updates to articles are properly registered and that readers can easily follow those changes.

Corrections, Retractions, and Other Updates

As outlined in our Author Submission Guidelines, authors can submit corrections or addenda at any time. Changes to an article’s metadata, or substantive changes to article content, will result in the publication of a correction or addendum.

Expressions of concern will be posted based on the advice of authors or credible allegations from readers that there may be questions regarding the integrity of the work. If the expression of concern is not resolved within a reasonable period of time, it will automatically result in retraction.

When an article cannot be relied upon or there are outstanding concerns regarding the integrity of the work, it will be retracted. Retraction can be requested by the authors or initiated by the editors.

Relevant Policies

Our Author Submission Guidelines detail our procedures for corrections, expressions of concern, and retractions.

Our editorial and peer review procedures are further detailed in our Peer Review Policy, Peer Review Guidelines, and Editor Guidelines.


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