Standard peer review at Episteme Health journals is:

  1. Single-blind - the author’s identity is known to the reviewer
  2. Optionally signed - reviewers are anonymous but may sign their reviews
  3. Public summary - reviewers write a summary of their review for publication but the bulk of their review remains confidential


Reviewers must have a relevant PhD or an equivalent track record (at least 3 relevant publications in reputable scientific journals). Reviewers must be in good standing in the academic community with no history of scientific or general misconduct.

Collaborative Review

Reviewers who do not have a PhD or publication track record may review papers in collaboration with an author who is qualified. For example, a senior PhD student may review papers with their supervisor in order to gain experience with the peer review process. If reviewing a paper collaboratively, please advise the editor so that an acknowledgment email can be sent to the student.

Authors wishing to publish their preprints with the journal may use a collaborative journal club review process, where their preprint is assessed by journal club teams on the PREreview platform. This may partially replace individual peer reviewers at the editor’s discretion.

Specialist Review

Editors may invite additional reviewers to comment on specific parts of a manuscript, such as a methodological or statistical technique. Reviewers may recommend that an editor invite a specialist reviewer at any point by contacting the editor.

Open Peer Review

We believe that the peer review process is primarily to assist editors in making decisions and authors in improving their papers. For this reason, we ask reviewers to write a short public summary of their review to assist readers in understanding the importance and limitations of a particular paper. These public review summaries, along with the reviewer’s identity (if signed), is published along with the paper.

The full peer review report, the editorial decision letter, previous versions, and reviewer identities (if unsigned) all remain confidential. Manuscripts are not made available for public commenting.

Peer Review Transfer

Where authors are able to transfer peer reviews, editors may accept papers after consulting with one additional reviewer. Transferred reviews must be subject to equivalent ethical standards and the identity of the reviewers must be known to editor handling the manuscript. Editors are not obliged to accept transferred reviewer comments. Currently, Episteme Health accepts peer reviews transferred from Peer Community In.


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