Authors must confirm that submitted work is original and that they are able to license the work unencumbered. This is normally the case for articles unless they have been previously published in a scientific journal (whether genuine or not).

Prior Publication

Under established disciplinary norms, we do not consider the following to be prior publication:

  • Inclusion in an undergraduate or graduate student thesis
  • Deposit in a preprint server, such as bioRxiv
  • Oral or poster presentations at conferences or meetings

We ask authors to disclose preprint deposits of their work in their cover letter so that the editors can confirm that their work is compliant with this policy. Authors may deposit or update their preprint articles during the peer review and submission process at any time, provided that it meets the terms and conditions of the preprint repository (e.g. any time before publication or any time before acceptance).

Sharing and Republication

Authors retain copyright in their articles and can share any version of their article in any medium or platform after publication. For example, they may deposit the final published version of their paper in their institutional repository immediately upon publication.

Authors should check that the terms of service or licensing arrangements of any platforms that they use do not conflict with their licensing arrangement with Episteme Health. Works shared or republished should use a license that is no more permissive than the one applied at Episteme Health and acknowledge Episteme Health as the first publisher.


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